Guide to food and drink in Scotland holiday cottages

Guide to food and drink in Scotland

Scotland is famously associated with some of the best regarded food and drink in the world. Some whiskies swap hands for incredible prices and Aberdeen Angus Beef is a national favourite above and below the border. Salmon can be sourced easily above the border and it’s a wonderful place to dine if you love seafood. Just don’t mention Irn Bru or the infamous deep fried Mars Bars, available from most good Fish & Chip shops. Below is a list of some famous, and some of the more obscure Scottish foods and drinks to look out for next time you’re in the area.


Scotland is famous for whisky. There are hundreds of distilleries throughout the country and a high proportion of them have tours and tastings so you can see how it’s made. May is Whiskey Month, so that’s sees thirty-one days of distillery visits, tasting events and historical lectures. No matter what region of Scotland you find yourself in you are never far away from a distillery and a pub to sample the finest liquor the world has to offer you.

Cullen Skink

Cullen Skink is a fish soup that contains potatoes, haddock and onions. It originates from Cullen which is a seaside village in Moray on the east coast of Scotland. It’s similar but said to be smokier of flavour than chowder and heartier than French bisque. Good Cullen Skink is found all across Scotland and in several specialist restaurants in the rest of the UK.


Cranachan is a whisky infused confection made with fresh cream, berries, porridge oats, honey and mint leaves. It’s very popular in Whiskey Month. Even if you don’t partake or like Scotch, you can still join in the festivities and have some sweet Cranachan instead.


You can even get haggis flavour crisps in Scotland now, it’s that well known. Haggis used to be served in a boiled animal’s stomach but nowadays its served from an artificial receptacle. The dish consists of sheep's pluck (heart, liver and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock. It’s perhaps the most famous Scottish meal there is.

Square sausage (Lorne sausage)

This morsel tastes like a sausage but it doesn’t look like your average sausage. Yes, the Scottish have bucked the trend of having a good old fashioned German tubular-style sausage. You can get all varieties of flavours just like everywhere else, it’s mainly the shape that lets you know your geographical location.

Cock-a-leekie soup

Consisting of leeks and peppered chicken stock, often thickened with rice, prunes or sometimes barley. You can also throw in a few chunks of bacon too. It’s delicious with soda bread.

Dundee Cake

Dundee cake is a fruit cake with a rich flavour and dark complexion. The cake is often made with currants, sultanas, fruit peel and almonds giving it a bitter-sweet flavour which make it an acquired taste.

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